Why ".tv"?

It's simple really...

 and boils down to making sure we started our nonprofit off on the right foot. The answer then is "social responsibility", but the real question might be: "Who directly benefits when a well-meaning effort chooses '.org'?" Answer, a giant domain name aggregator. Oh, and the nonprofit that saved $19 by choosing a top-level domain (TLD) name used by so many other nonprofits...and a growing number of scam artists.

The Freedom Through Art Foundation chose .tv because we exist to help people, no matter who they are or how far from us they live. The TLD .tv is the sole and separate property of the tiny island nation of Tuvalu - a population whose land is literally being taking from under them. No there's no quest by a  superpower to occupy their land. In fact it is all of us - you and me and our own quest to kill the planet - who are causing the hostile takeover of Tuvalu. Global warming causes ice to melt, and that's a fact. But the secondary effect is that it also causes sea level rise. And that is the problem on Tuvalu. We are literally doing our part to flood these kind and gentle people right off their land. The least we can do is show our total commitment to our mission toward social responsibility by doing all we can to wear that banner with pride, and us see .tv to show the world we care about all causes, not just our own.

 .tv is the new .org 

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